Your Appliance Professional Has An Extensive List Of Resources

He can reach out to experts all around the country for help on any unusual problems. Bryant's Appliance Repair and the companies shown below have been trained by a nationally recognized expert Uncle Harry.  Bryant's has access to the information needed to solve difficult problems. 

All of these experts are in continuing contact with each other, trading the newest techniques and information.

Ann's The Man Appliance Repair - Austin, Texas
ApplianceMedic911 - Greenville, South Carolina
Raker Appliance Repair - Phoenix, Maryland

Since 1997, Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School has been providing a one of a kind training experience fitted for both the beginner and experienced repair technician. After several decades in the repair business himself, Uncle Harry saw a need for a proper training course for those who wanted to learn a trade outside of the traditional college route or as an alternative career choice. If you’re looking for a hands-on career as an appliance repair technician, you’ve found yourself in the right place.